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myspace queen turned
internet hustling extraordinaire

It's been a wild ride & it's still 'All gas, no brakes!'

18 years ago, you would've found me on my late mother's $300 e-Machines computer teaching myself how to design in Photoshop so I could make money publishing ads on my first website for cute free Myspace layouts & graphics, Amazinspace.com.

You see, by that point, I'd probably already dropped out of college twice and it wouldn't be the last time. I always knew that if I was going to make someone rich at the expense of my time & sanity, that someone was going to be ME but quitting altogether as the smart kid who graduated in the top 3 of her high school class would be a tough sell.

Enter Myspace, & in a flash, social media went from a fun passtime to a world of opportunity that would change my life & approach to earning money forever. Despite my goal being pretty unorthodox, too good to be true & highly untraditional, my mom was supportive of it as she stayed on me about college but I'd found my exit strategy! If I could just prove to her that it was legit, I could finally quit school altogether without it being as much of a disappointment.

The success was FAST. Seemingly overnight. & even still as of 2024:

I'm a multi-passionate creative who inspires and is inspired by the most magnetic trendsetters on the web. I've always celebrated the shift in popular culture where the modern-day celebrity is now the cyberlebrity: everyday rule-breaking tastemakers that obtain a certain degree of Internet popularity & uses it to cultivate a life of wealth & abundance. My superpower is creating profitable immersive digital experiences.

I later renamed my website iRockstarz.com as a way to celebrate the way "it girls" were using talent, personality, creativity, style or just general state of being to organically cultivate a following. It was rebelutionary that you no longer had to be a public figure to obtain notoriety on the internet. The word 'influencer' honestly makes me uncomfortable & wasn't a commonly used term but that's how we'd be described today.




That was a pretty insane way to jump out the gate, if I may say so myself! But it was so much easier then! The social networks allowed things to trend so much more organically without forcing you to sacrifice your first born to be seen. Your posts were viewed by everyone on your friends list if they happened to be online. While it's not the cakewalk it once was to find your people, it's still every bit as worth it to strengthen your online influence for digital success.

Creating a website that was so profitable – THINK 10K UNIQUE VISITORS A DAY – basically confirmed i was in the right place and ruined any chance i'd ever be happy with a 9-to-5. my mom had been working all her life & most months i'd bring in more money than her! Making money online was the stuff of legend where i'm from. & to actually be successful at it with no formal training all while being every bit of a minority in a digital space?:

Over the years as I state hopped taking up residence in many major U.S. cities, I started to work more behind the curtain than in front of them. I still spend my days running multiple online businesses, creating content for far too many of my own Instagrams, & designing custom websites all while blasting music at festival decibels & loving on the best family a girl could ever ask for.

The Cyberhustler is my one stop shop to finally use my 18 years of experience to efficiently educate women who want a life that's anything but ordinary!

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my "why" in business

freedom, abundance, & charity

my business bestie

dream slaycation

Bora Bora

song that makes me go hard

Motivated by Three 6 Mafia

the downside of business

copycats & taxes

i still struggle with

being a control freak

most prized possession

Money Makin' Mac(my iMac)

whole album on repeat

The Contortionist | Clairvoyant

favorite book on success

I've taken the liberty of curating a page full of my absolute favorite business & content creating resources that help me to pursue my many passions/endeavours & show up online like I have a team!



Spoiler alert: I DON'T! So this is a major cheat sheet where I'll give you my A-Listers so you can "internet" like a cyberhustler!



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