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affiliate disclosure

The Cyberhustler uses affiliate links. Basically, if I have used a product or service and loved it, I have looked into whether or not there was an affiliate program for it and signed up so that in the future, when I tell you of its quality, I can earn commission for doing so if you purchase through my link!

For years I have recommended products, services & etc to my peers without being compensated or expecting anything in return & I still would even now whether there was an affiliate program for it or not. That being said, if I can tell you about something that made my life easier and receive some green along with your gratitude for the effort, count me in!

Last but not least, the FTC makes us disclose this information to protect you as a consumer because obviously not everyone operates with integrity. As for me, the trust and authenticity between my readers & myself is worth its weight in gold & I'd never compromise our relationship by randomly throwing things out to see what sticks. Being a phony is not in me or on me. I've made it this far in life without getting over on people and there's no need to start now so go forth & continue to click with confidence! xo