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Tell me TheCyberhustler & Glamber Alert aren't some of the most beautiful blogs you've ever seen when you know they are! Well they were built on Showit! After seeing other sites that were built on this platform, I had to have it! You'll have the freedom to conjure pure magic without coding + it has Wordpress integration!


Design chic emails with ease! Enjoy a free 30-day trial when you sign up & %50 off their subscription price for life when you use THECYBERHUSTLER. I have never found it easier to have a mailing list. In fact, the 18 years I've owned websites, I'd always start one & get overwhelmed. With Flodesk, it's been CAKE.


No design skills whatsoever? Well with Canva, you... CAN! I design professionally but I still use Canva to create beautiful eBooks & social media graphics on the fly. It is free to use but you should def upgrade to Pro for full access to all they have to offer like the ability to save your brand kit(fonts & colors).


Automate your Pinterest strategy & grow your organic traffic by scheduling pin posts via Tribes that puts your content in front of the most amount of eyes in the shortest amount of time. If your blog is brand new: no biggie! Pinterest is more of a search engine so it's easier to be found. Try Tailwind free for a month!


It's THE e-Commerce platform to build your store on & arguably one of the best content management systems on the market. Celebs like Kim K(Skims) even use it as do I for iRockstarz & soon, here. I def recommend Shopify to anyone that would prefer not to handle much maintenance/code. Try it for 14 days free!

Google Workspace

Get your branded email address for as low as $6 monthly with Google. It probably never occurred to you to mind but a yahoo, gmail, or etc looks very basic & unprofesh for businesses. Opt for name[@]yourbusiness.com as it conveys trust & legitimacy. I have 3 of them for 3 of my brands. Try it free for 14 days!


Are you looking to start your own blog or business website? BlueHost offers shared hosting for as low as $2.95 monthly when you subscribe for a year that comes with a free domain. Sweetest Dreams Slumber Co. is 1 of the websites I built there for Dallas-based friends of mine that do beautiful teepee rentals.


Virtual businesses addresses for the low low! I purchased mine because I work in cyberspace. As a home based business, it's just unsafe to use this address on my shops or email siggys. I also love that iPostal1 receives & forwards my packages to my home which is especially handy when I collaborate with brands.

Adobe CC

IMO, basic graphic design skills are a major key to success. Teaching myself to use Photoshop & other Adobe programs changed my life. What I love most about them is that the possibilities are endless. Canva is badass but I doubt it will ever be as robust as the suite of goodies in Adobe Creative Cloud. Try it free for 7 days!

Creative Market

I can't even begin to ponder how many HOURS I've spent on this marketplace spending hella coin on design assets! It's a gold mine for fonts, mockups, social media templates, website themes, stock photos, & more. Maybe don't bother setting a budget before you go on there because that never works for me haha!

Envato Market

Another "all the things" market for assets such as themes for Shopify/Wordpress, plugins, video/audio effects, icons, stock footage/photography, royalty-free music & so many other goodies! It's one of those places you shop if you like to be unique & don't mind investing in your brand to ensure that it is.

check it out
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Haute Stock

I hardcore preach brand consistency and when your stock photos are sourced from many different websites, it won't be long before your branding turns into a big ole mess. With Haute Stock, a professional cohesive aesthetic is guaranteed. My favorite thing about them is their photos feature women of color like myself. RARE.

check it out


If you like premium business cards that last & represents the luxe factor of your business with quality paper options, Moo is the place. This is where I have mine printed and my favorite thing about it is being able to print gold foil in prominent spots on the card. My LeCocoDecor biz cards always received hella compliments!


Want to open an online store without any inventory? For years, I've used this print on demand company to print, package & ship my custom designed merch on autopilot. From t-shirts to mugs, it's so many products to choose from. They integrate seamlessly with e-commerce platforms like Shopify & Woocommerce.

check it out
check it out

Apple Music

I know, I know! A music subscription isn't a business tool, right?! Wrong! It is when I use it! I need music like I need air & I have a huge musical scale with notes tattooed across my lower back to prove it! Vibes must be created when creating. Whether I need motivation or to mellow, there are unlimited bops for every mood!

check it out


Apple iMac

This is an obvious one but my iMac is hands down my most prized possession. Even more than any car I've owned or anywhere I've ever laid my head as it makes it all happen. I'd prob run through fire to save it lol! I'm recently on my 3rd bc the one I bought in 2009 took a tumble off my bed.

get yours

Apple iphone

Back in 2007 my sister Ta & I awaited the launch of the very 1st iPhones and have been loyal users ever since. Currently, mine are a pink 15 Plus & a gold 11 Pro Max. I used to exclusively create on my iMac but iPhones are legit little computers apt & perfect for when I need to create content on the move!

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dymo 4xl label printer

If you have or are just starting a biz where you'll be shipping products, you NEED this. Invest in one if only to step your packaging & professionalism game up! You'll instantly feel like a boss. I've had mine for years(put Ta on this too for her online boutique) & we've never had a single issue out of them.

get yours

NIKON 5200

DSLR cameras are just a staple amongst influencers. Sure, I burn my iPhone up taking great pics but DSLRs have 1 goal only & that's to capture bomb visuals! The Nikon 5200 is a baby beast. Ta has been snapping it up with her 5200 way more than me lately so def visit Ari52 to see the magic happening!

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NIKON LENS 70-300mm

Know what's just as important as the DSLR camera body you use? The lens! Hey, we're out here trying to make sure the results are so crystal clear that it feels like you can reach inside the photo and touch the subject, ya know?! Here's to the Nikkor lens that gets pristine quality with minimal effort!

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& the goddess said: "let there be light". Nothing ruins a great photo or video faster than horrible lighting and with the Neewer ring light, you can make sure you get it right every time. Fact is not everyone has or even wants to frequent a photography studio to create great content. Bring the studio to you!

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