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11 Unorthodox Productivity Hacks of the Rich & Famous

Alright, I know you’re tired of hearing the same old tips about time management and to-do lists. That’s why I’m pulling up on you with a twist – a fun and quirky collection of productivity hacks straight from the playbooks of the rich and famous, okurr?! Get ready to revolutionize your hustle with these unorthodox eyebrow-raising tricks that’ll have you channeling your inner genius.

1. Embrace the Lazy Genius Within

Embrace your inner genius by being a little lazy – in a genius way! Steve Jobs famously said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” So work smarter, not harder and let that inner genius shine.

2. Ice Baths for Brain Waves? Brrrilliant!

Move over, morning coffee – cold exposure therapy is in town! Inspired by the frosty endeavors of Wim Hof – & no, idk who the hell that is but this is where research led me lol – step into an ice-cold shower to kickstart your brainwaves and zap yourself awake. Say goodbye to sluggish mornings and hello to shivering success!

3. From Bed to Boardroom: Polyphasic Power

Elon Musk swears by polyphasic sleep, a.k.a. napping like a boss. Embrace a sleep pattern that divides your snoozes into mini-slumbers. You’ll conquer deadlines, but don’t blame me if you start seeing unicorns during your power naps.

4. Walking and Talking: The Million-Dollar Stroll

Meetings got you yawning? Take a hike – literally! Exchange your conference room for a nature walk. Picture this: you’re strolling through the park, brainstorming ideas, and nailing that presentation – all at the same time. Walking meetings are the brainchild of productivity wizards who realized that fresh air fuels fresh thoughts. Strap on those sneakers and give a new meaning to “walk it like you talk it”!

5. Pink Hour, Green Hour: Color-Coded Magic

Richard Branson isn’t just about owning airlines; he’s also got a knack for color-coded time blocking. Paint your calendar with a rainbow of tasks. Assigning hues to different tasks not only organizes your day but also gives it that artsy touch. Need to conquer the spreadsheet of doom? That’s your green hour, biotch!

6. Task Unification: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Imagine, whipping up Canva templates while binging Netflix. I could be the poster child for that! Or have you ever tried listening to podcasts while hitting the gym? Well that’s task unification – a fancy term for getting stuff done while you’re doing other stuff. Efficiency? Check. Time management game strong? Double check! Me? I simply just need the white noise and have worked this way since I began working online 18 years ago. Mixing tasks with different vibes can actually get your creative juices flowing. It’s like multitasking’s cooler, more artistic cousin.

7. The Nap Strike: Power Naps with a Pinch of Einstein

Feeling sleepy after lunch? Channel your inner Einstein or Churchill and indulge in a 20-minute power nap. You’ll awaken as a refreshed and rejuvenated genius, ready to tackle that e=mc² equation. Yes, a quick siesta can recharge your brain cells and set you on a productivity spree. Just don’t get too overzealous or you’ll be napping your dreams away.

8. Bimodal Brilliance: Hustle, Snooze, Repeat

Take a page from Tim Ferriss’ book and hack your day with a bimodal schedule. Work hard for a few hours, take a mega break, then come back swangin’! It’s like the Rocky Balboa of productivity strategies!

9. Lifestyle Delegation: Zuckerberg’s Life Hack

Delegate your life and not just your emails. Mark Zuckerberg outsources mundane tasks so he can focus on world domination. I always say that I wish I could clone myself so that I can do everything I need done exactly the way I like it done but since no one has figured out that formula yet, I am currently learning to outsource what I can! If possible, hand over grocery lists and dry cleaning. Letting someone else handle the nitty-gritty frees you up to conquer the digital world.

10. Mindfulness in Micro-Doses: Meditate Anywhere

Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post knows it – mindfulness doesn’t need a mountain retreat. Sneak in micro-moments of zen throughout your day as incorporating quick bursts of mindfulness or meditation wherever possible keeps you focused, zen, and ready to crush it like a true productivity ninja. Deep breaths while waiting in line? Woosahhh, darling!

11. The Anti-To-Do List: Prioritize the “Nopes”

Instead of a to-do list, rock an anti-to-do list! List the things you absolutely won’t do today. It’s like Jedi mind tricks for productivity. These “nopes” are your kryptonite and the “TO-DON’T” list puts your priorities in perspective, making you more determined to tackle your real goals while avoiding those time-sucking rabbit holes.

Closinggg Tiiime..(You Don’t Have To Go Home but.. )🎶

So, do you think you’ll experiment with any unusual success habits? If nothing else, these creative ways to boost efficiency are like a breath of fresh air in a sea of ordinary advice. Try them out and who knows, you might just unlock your inner billionaire genius while you’re at it. Think of this way, most of the people in the world do normal things and live normal lives so maybe trying something a little ‘out there’ can lead you to an extraordinary life among the 1 percenters!

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