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8 Ways to Master the Newbie Blogger Scene with Pro-Level Swagger

Ready to unleash your inner pro blogger, right from the get-go and avoid imposter syndrome? It’s time to step into the blogging arena with the swagger of a seasoned champ. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the pool or diving headfirst, I’ve got your back with some newbie blogger tips. Let’s roll up our sleeves and uncover the gems of looking like a professional blogger, even when you’re a complete novice in the game, shall we?

1. Rock a Killer Blog Design: Your Digital Duds Matter

First impressions are everything, and your blog’s design is like the outfit you wear to a VIP event. You can’t just jump out here any ole way if you’re looking to be taken seriously, ya know? When in doubt, opt for clean, modern templates that reflect your personality and niche. Pro bloggers know that looking the part is half the battle won.

The most convenient blog design for beginners is a premade WordPress theme and there are many amazing free ones that you can find with a simple Google search. However, if you want to pop out with a design that says “I’m here and I’m a power player”(even if you’re not just yet), I recommend Showit. I’ve had super plain blog designs during Myspace days that I thought were popping at the time but when I first ran across Showit’s themes while browsing Pinterest, I knew that all the amazing creations everyone was coming up with were in a league of their own! I set to work on mine immediately and haven’t looked back since!

2. Content is King (and Queen): Rule with Valuable Posts

Quality content isn’t a luxury or something you should just incorporate here and there. It’s a necessity and should ALWAYS be the goal. Your golden ticket to pro blogger status, if you will. Research your niche, offer solutions, and sprinkle in your unique perspective. Whether you’re sharing tips, personal anecdotes, or how-to guides, let quality blog posts be the crown jewel of your digital kingdom.

3. Show Up to Social Media: The Must-Attend Afterparty

If your blog is the main event, social media is definitely the star-studded afterparty you can’t afford to miss! There’s something to be said for social proof. Show up consistently, engage with your audience, and share your expertise. At the very least, do it so that you don’t kill your accounts the way I did mine over the years by not posting to them. Even if you’re the new kid in class, a killer social media strategy can quickly give you the blogging street cred you know you deserve.

4. Network Like a Pro: Rub Digital Elbows

Networking isn’t just for the big shots! It’s your backstage pass to the pro blogger club and newbie blogger collaborations can absolutely happen if you’re not afraid to put yourself out there. Connect with fellow bloggers, leave thoughtful comments, and collaborate on projects. If a blogger bae of yours – in your head or otherwise lol – has written a blog post that resonated with you and could also resonate with your audience, don’t be afraid to link out to it on your own blog post. Building genuine relationships is like having an entourage of pro blogger friends that can provide you with inside tricks of the trade that you may not otherwise have been privy to.

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5. Optimize for SEO: Speak the Google Language

Search engine optimization (SEO) is your secret weapon for visibility. Learn the basics of keywords, meta descriptions, and internal linking. Do NOT wait to do this!

As a new blogger, you may not yet have a primed audience awaiting your posts and can quickly find yourself posting to the wind with only your grandma tuning in as crickets chirp deafeningly around your website.

If you do jump out the gate with an audience, major kudos to you! But either way, you should make sure you’re using every way possible to get that organic traffic flowing in and being found in search is the least time consuming way to do that. I’ll be editing this post when my own blogger SEO tips shortly but for now, you basically optimize your posts as best as you can and if you rank for certain keywords, the visitors will come through on auto-pilot. No CTA(call-to-action) necessary!

How’s that for a gratifying way to keep from making blog posts that come to the internet to die? SEO for beginners doesn’t have to be complicated. Even if you’re a newbie, nailing it can make your blog a favorite hangout for search engines.

6. Consistency is Queen (and King Too): Stay the Course

Pro bloggers don’t vanish into thin air – they show up consistently. I know because I also made this mistake amongst others and the result of that wasn’t giving “pro” anything. How can you ever graduate from newbie blogger if you’re always absent? You can’t so look into the reasons you may be failing at consistent blogging and get on track.

I am now going super hard to see the results I desire within the next month. Yes I set the wildest goals and yes I’m crazy enough to believe I’ll meet them lol! Consistency builds trust with your audience and keeps them coming back for more of your blogging brilliance.

7. Monetize with Class: Turn Passion into Profit

Yes, even newbies can monetize their blogs with a great plan of action. When I opened Glamber Alert, I launched with monetization methods in place. DAY. ONE. & I made money on day one. Same here on The Cyberhustler. I created a page full of my favorite business tools, apps & resources. I included only the things I genuinely use and love. That’s just the tip of the iceberg too as I have many other things the works. Oh, the places we will go!

Blogging for passion and pleasure is the best way to stay interested but as blogs take time to create, you should definitely also be blogging for profit. Explore affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or create digital products. If it’s your thing, sell a service. Just remember, pro bloggers make their income stream seamlessly align with their content and audience. A phony can be spotted a mile away, trust me.

8. Learn and Adapt: Keep Evolving

The blogging world is a dynamic one. Pro bloggers are lifelong learners. Stay curious, invest in your growth, and adapt to changing trends. Your ability to pivot and evolve will make you look like a pro, even when you’re still a rookie.

Let’s get it!

And there you have it, aspiring pro bloggers – your roadmap to entering the blogging scene with your swag already turned on! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a freshman eager to conquer, remember not to spend too much time comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. Your journey is uniquely yours!

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