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Why the Digital Elite Fear Master Resell Rights: Salvation or Scam?

In the ever-expanding universe of online education and digital entrepreneurship, where innovation meets opportunity, Master Resell Rights (MRR) emerge as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs sparking a debate that rivals the classic ‘Marvel vs. DC’ fandom wars. Yet, amidst its promise of empowerment and financial independence, MRR finds itself entangled in controversy. Critics sling mud, detractors raise eyebrows and the internet is practically fckn ablaze with debates on the legitimacy and ethics of MRR. Are Master Resell Rights the savior it claims to be or is it a scam?… ya know, the online equivalent of a mirage in the digital desert? Let’s cut through the noise by dispelling myths and uncovering the untold benefits of MRR!

What Are Master Resell Rights (MRR)?

Master Resell Rights are not just a business model; they’re a revolution in digital content distribution. Imagine acquiring a product once and having the legal backing to sell it over and over again. Sounds straightforward, right? However, MRR is more nuanced, comprising basic resell rights, private label rights and the titular master resell rights, each offering varying degrees of flexibility in resale and content modification. Unlike traditional content creation, where the journey from conception to sale is a marathon, MRR is a sprint, offering a fast track to market presence.

The Controversy and Drama Surrounding MRR

Since MRR has become a lightning rod for debate, drawing criticism and skepticism from various corners of the internet, it has obviously deterred some aspiring entrepreneurs from exploring it as a viable business model. At the heart of the controversy are three main accusations: market oversaturation, a lack of originality and flat out misguided accusations of being multi-level marketing (MLM) or pyramid schemes. These criticisms, while sometimes rooted in genuine concern, often stem from misunderstandings about the nature and potential of MRR, & let’s not forget, full on fear from OG content creators that this model is going to make their digital products obsolete & mess with their coin.

In this section, I’ll address these head-on, shedding light on the truth behind MRR.

Market Oversaturation and Lack of Originality

“Everyone is just reselling the same course!!”

When it comes to market oversaturation, detractors argue that allowing multiple resellers to market the same product inevitably leads to a crowded marketplace, diminishing the chances of individual success. This argument presupposes a finite demand and a static market, ignoring the dynamic nature of digital commerce.

The reality is that the digital market expands and diversifies at an astonishing rate, creating new niches and opportunities daily. For example, with the MRR trend and many opting to do it faceless rather than have to film themselves daily, there is now a huge demand for faceless stock videos so if you’re a videographer, even if you’ve never even heard of MRR, you’re probably seeing more sales right now for the faceless content of yours that may have been largely ignored before.

But back to the topic at hand, the key to standing out isn’t necessarily offering an entirely unique product but rather presenting it in a unique way, through personal branding and targeted marketing strategies.

Furthermore, the criticism regarding a lack of originality in MRR products overlooks the value of accessibility. MRR provides an entry point for those who may not have the resources or expertise to create a product from scratch but possess the skills to market and sell effectively. This democratization of digital entrepreneurship enables a wider range of individuals to participate in and benefit from the online economy.

All that said.. so what if everyone is selling the same course? One person’s audience isn’t the next person’s audience. There are feeds one will appear on that the next would never appear on. Does Walmart, Target, Walgreens & your local dollar store not all sell the same tampons? Does McDonald’s, Wendy’s & Burger King not all sell burgers and fries?

Tackling the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and Pyramid Scheme Accusations

Since I’ve learned of MRR, I now find myself in the comment sections of MRR course creators and the wild accusations in their comments are pretty hilarious to me. “This is just MLM! This is just a pyramid scheme! This is just a scam!” The first time I witnessed the comments, I thought “Wow, I guess this is one of those things where people like to sound smart by throwing out a term they’ve heard before when they clearly don’t know the definition of said term.”

I’m going to break this down as simply as I can in hopes that if you’re one of the people that are spreading misinformation, you start to take a stance that’s based in facts because anything else is giving “bitter” and that’s never a good look.

MRR Courses:

  • Focus on granting buyers the rights to resell a product. Once you purchase an MRR product, you can sell it to others and the buyers get the product itself.
  • Do not require you to recruit others into a selling network to earn your revenue. Your income comes from selling the actual product, not from enlisting new sellers.
  • Typically, there’s no multi-tiered commission structure. You earn money from direct sales, not from the sales or recruitment efforts of others.

People will opt in because they either want to learn how to do whatever the course promises to teach or they will opt in because they need a digital product to sell that they don’t have to create themselves.

I sell 2 MRR courses and a PLR community. One course is called Ultimate Branding Course, the other is Digital Wealth Academy & the PLR community is Digital Boss Academy. I mostly purchased them for the latter. I wanted high quality courses I could stand behind 100% because I don’t have the immediate time to create one from scratch myself. If I learned something in the process, all the better!

With UBC it gets deep into strategy and that has always been my weakness because I’m not a big planner. I fly by the seat of my pants & that doesn’t work as well as it used to. The value inside is a legit goldmine for someone like me that needs focus.

But aside from the strategy type modules in DWA, the majority of everything in DWA I already knew because it is very much a beginner course. I’ve been in the field for 18 years which is absolutely not the case for most. Most are just starting out so affiliate marketing, blogging for business, email marketing and automations? That’s a foreign language to them! So they are definitely learning tons of wealth building skills to help them get started.

Meanwhile, I see a lot of accusations about MRR courses only teaching you how to resell the course. There may be some MRR courses out there like that but as I have only purchased UBC, DWA & DBA’s PLR community to know that they don’t fit that narrative, I really can’t speak to where there may be truth in that for other courses. All I know is both courses do exactly what they claim to do so if you can earn while you’re learning, that’s a no-brainer.

There is a guy in our DWA chat who is a legit whiz at email automations and all the tech behind it but he had no idea how to use Instagram. Yes, really! Good for him that there is so much information within the course that teaches how to master just that.

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing):

  • MLM involves selling products while also recruiting new members to sell those products. You earn commissions not just from your sales, but also from the sales of those you’ve recruited.
  • It’s structured in levels or tiers. Your earnings can depend on the number of people you recruit and their sales performance.

As mentioned, MRR doesn’t require you to recruit new members to sell the products. In fact, no one is required to resell the courses at all. You can simply just learn from them and stop there if you prefer and still be getting more than your money’s worth.

Also, if you choose, you can primarily sell the products based off of what they teach rather than the fact that they can be resold. But even if you do lead with the fact that the products can be resold for profit, that’s well within your right and not illegal whatsover.

Let’s say I make a sale to “Kevin”. That initial sale is it for me where Kevin is concerned. Kevin can take the knowledge from the course and create his own digital products. He can also decide to resell the MRR course itself. If he does resell the course, I won’t know anything about it, nor will I earn a commission off of him or anyone that purchases from him. He will make 100% of his own profit from his sales.

See the difference? *Tyrion Lannister voice*

Pyramid Schemes:

  • Are considered illegal in many countries because they rely on the recruitment of individuals to invest money, with the promise of payment for enrolling others into the scheme. The scheme makes money primarily from the fees paid by new recruits, not from selling a legitimate product or service of genuine value.
  • Often collapse when it becomes impossible to recruit new members, leaving most participants at a loss.

It’s essential to understand that pyramid schemes are fundamentally different from MRR in both structure and intent.

MRR, in contrast, is centered on the sale of legitimate products, such as digital courses, ebooks and software. The essence of MRR is the right to resell an existing product, which means the focus is squarely on product sales, not on recruiting new members. This distinction is critical for understanding the legitimacy of MRR as a business model that offers real value to both sellers and their customers.

Real-Life Misinformation and Fear Mongering

Personalities on online forums, social media platforms like Threads and even some digital marketing gurus and bloggers contribute to a narrative that paints MRR as a surefire path to failure. Anecdotal evidence is often presented as fact, with stories of oversaturated markets and failed ventures used to dissuade individuals from exploring MRR opportunities.

Any time I see instances of people bashing MRR, I never see actual statistics or isolated incidents to support their claims. They also never acknowledge the successes achieved through MRR or the strategies employed by successful resellers to differentiate their offerings and build sustainable businesses.

It’s imperative.. responsible even.. to clarify that MRR is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a business model without challenges. Like any entrepreneurial endeavor, success with MRR requires effort, strategy and a commitment to providing value. And guess what? People that create courses that do not offer MRR come with the same challenges and need for commitment in order to succeed. Do you know how many times I’ve seen an OG course creator go down in flames because their course sucked, contained no actionable strategies and had the most basic info that could easily be located on Google? People that pay for college often find that there are no guarantees with that either.

The Unseen Benefits of MRR for Creators and Entrepreneurs

The advantages of MRR include lower product development costs, access to a wide array of products and the ability to start selling quickly. However, these benefits come with the responsibility of choosing quality products, understanding your target market and employing effective marketing strategies.

In essence, MRR offers a viable path to entrepreneurship, especially for those looking to enter the digital marketplace with a lower barrier to entry. By focusing on the unique aspects of MRR, including the emphasis on product sales and the potential for niche marketing, entrepreneurs can navigate the misconceptions and utilize MRR as a legitimate and effective business model.

Why I Chose Digital Wealth Academy with Master Resell Rights

At the beginning of March, I purchased Digital Wealth Academy with Master Resell Rights.

The Digital Wealth Academy with Master Resell Rights

My choosing to resell a done-for-you course might raise eyebrows given my 18yr tenure in the digital space + the way us OGs tend to be purists & even fight against change… That’s what this whole post is about right?

I suppose in some small sense, I’d be amongst the “digital elite” since I’m nearly 2 decades in so I understand that side of things.

Every digital product I’ve ever sold before now, I created it myself. I, indeed, wrestled with the decision to sell done-for you products since clearly, I am an online entrepreneur, web/digital designer, a blogger & would righteously slay at creating my own courses & etc. It’s evident that I don’t HAVE to resell anyone’s course, at the end of the day.

But how exactly do you compete against the incentive to resell courses if yours do not grant those rights? How do you compete against the income claims it has brought on? I’m definitely not saying that non-MRR/PLR courses and ebooks aren’t selling but if you lay the option on the table to buy and learn beside the option to buy and EARN while you learn, the latter is going to win every time.

People want faster results and I was no different. I kept telling myself not to shoot myself in the foot like I normally would by taking the slow lane. The “because-I-can-I-am” lane. Do you know how many days I wasted with that mentality over the last 18 years? Feeling elite because I had the skill when the income no longer matched it. Especially when it came to coding something for one of my websites. Instead of hiring someone to fix some illusive coding break, I’d spend weeks doing trial and error trying to figure out the cause myself. I always liked puzzles entirely too much and it was killing me.

Ultimate Branding Course

So, sure I could create a course and other guides but how long was that going to take? & was I even going to see a significant amount of sales after taking all that time? I hadn’t even seen any of the kickback from the other OGs, I just knew that they weren’t going to like MRR/PLR and exactly why they weren’t going to like it.

However, for this OG, the decision was made after doing very thorough research on Master Resell Rights/Private Label Rights, reading a plethora of success stories from other people who purchased/loved Digital Wealth Academy and being realistic about a truth I’ve embraced even more since losing both my parents in 2010, just six months apart: time is exceedingly precious.

Witnessing firsthand the brevity of life, I’m opting for paths that value my time and energy by leveraging this particular proven MRR/PLR formula that no matter what side of the scope you fall on where these tools are concerned, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Aside from that, I’ve never been super great at the “selling” part of digital marketing and am humble enough to know where improvements are needed. I already owned blogs. I already did affiliate marketing. I already had my email automations set up via Flodesk. I’m amazing at creating and designing pretty visuals. But when it comes to selling outside of my immediate audience, I have struggled. I wish the days still existed where you could create amazing things, post it to your social media profiles/followers and everyone who was online at the time would see it instead of having your posts buried for a cash grab.

Facebook clearly had an agenda to take down all large fan pages years ago for bogus reasons(I know because it didn’t just happen to me) and I let that huge blow to my online businesses kick my ass for a very long time but I don’t want that to be my story. I have a milestone birthday coming up and would like to have something to show for all of the knowledge & experience I’ve gained over time rather than just doing enough to get by.

The kicker was while wrestling with which way to go, I ended up watching Mike Epps’ “Ready to Sell Out” comedy special on Netflix and at the end he told this story about how he always called his more successful peers like Will Smith, Jamie Foxx & etc sellouts because they did what it took to be. But now that he’s a little bit older he realizes that “being a real nigga aint paying” like he thought it would so now he’s ready to sell out.

I thought that was hilarious!! But it resonated with me because I would always go to the ends of the earth to make sure everything I did was all me. Things I should definitely have outsourced, I never would until now. So why not take the strain off myself and use the 2 decades of experience I have to discern the quality of an offering I didn’t create when it’s as good as I would’ve done?

Anyway, the choice to offer an MRR course reflects my commitment to efficiency, sustainability and the assurance that anything I put my stamp of approval on & reputation behind not only meets but exceeds the standards I set for myself and my audience.

My journey over all this time has been marked by constant learning, adaptation, success and failures so my experience grants me a unique vantage point to evaluate and advocate for MRR’s potential.

Through Digital Wealth Academy, I extend beyond mere selling – unlike majority of the resellers do – by offering mentorship to those who opt in through me, free knowledge here on my blog and a commitment to genuine value.

To Sum This Up

As mentioned, while it’s true that everyone won’t be successful with an MRR course, it’s also true that everyone won’t be successful with a non-MRR course.

Everyone that pays for a $50,000+ college education often find that no guarantees come with that path either and in my opinion, that’s the real scam but that’s a topic for another day!

Anyway, you pay for the knowledge & what you do with that knowledge is up to you… that’s a tale as old as time.

At least the MRR path doesn’t cost you anywhere near as much money nor take you nearly as much time as a college degree would.

All circumstances, both internal and external – who you are, where you live, your finances, the economy, whether you have kids, whether you’re a self-starter and most importantly your work ethic/consistency, etc – will determine your end game.

Master Resell Rights stand at the crossroads of controversy and opportunity. As we’ve navigated through the noise, the value and legitimacy of MRR as a business model have come into clear view. Digital Wealth Academy with MRR represents not just a course but a doorway to empowerment, offering education, a community, resources and mentorship.

I invite you to see for yourself and form your own opinion!

Click here to explore this unique opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in the vast digital marketplace.

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