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The Cyberhustler Rebelution: 5 Reasons Your Life Sucks & What You Can Do About It

It’s easy to see when someone or something else is an obstacle but you tend to wear sunglasses in the dark when you’re in your own way, right? Been there and stamped the passport, babe! During my stay, I learned that to get off the fast track to mediocrity, there are many unproductive cycles one should stop falling victim to. If you can’t figure out your major malfunction, I’ve put together a short list of reasons your life sucks so that you can find your way back to purpose and fulfillment. With a conscious effort to place yourself in the path of greatness & stop stopping yourself, you can level up in no time.

That said, welcome to The Cyberhustler where you are no longer limited to the resources in your immediate proximity! You’re now a part of the REBELution of awe-inspiring personalities who are breaking away from the status quo & using the internet to cultivate a life of freedom & fortune! I actually purchased this domain in 2016.. I know, wtf?! And FINALLY the day has arrived that I fulfill my dream of a one-stop portal for teaching my audience the online business strategies I personally use! Launching both this site & my personal blog, Glamber Alert are such surreal and euphoric moments for me & I’m honored to have you here!

If you’re reading this post, the rat race has lost its luster & you’re ready to rage against the machine. Maybe you’re content for the most part & just want to try something new. For others, you hate your life & are searching for greener pastures. Well I can assist with that so to avoid further standing on ceremony, let’s jump right into the common potholes that are ruining your life and what you can do to change direction!

You’ve settled for existing rather than living

You say you want better but the truth is you really don’t think it’s in the cards for you so out of convenience you’ve settled into a hum drum life of complacency. There is nothing wrong with having a routine but when that routine does nothing to move the needle from where you are to where you want to be, life can become more of a chore than one you can’t wait to wake up to every day!

Before you take an action, you have to change your mindset. You must first believe you deserve and are capable of more and once you are convinced, you have to make sure your actions reflect that belief. It’s time to choose thriving over surviving and start living ON purpose and IN purpose.

Follow people on social media that inspire you. Not for comparison, but to stay reminded that what you want is attainable. Listen to songs that dare you to dream. I’ll make a list of my favorites. Read books that reinforce your belief in that which you wish to attain. Don’t live in “the real world”. Wtf even is that? & definitely don’t look to people who haven’t been where you’re going to tell you how to get there.

You constantly compare yourself to others

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20”? It’s one of my favorite quotes and I live by that. Everyone’s situation & circumstance is not the same. I totally recommend looking to others for inspiration but there is a thin line between that & letting their highlight reel convince you that you’re inadequate. It’s important to remember that people very rarely broadcast their failures but no one is exempt from them.

If you’re a mother, you can’t exactly compare your life to one such as mine where I don’t have the same obligations. Sure, I can move around when and wherever I want without restraint but would you trade your kids for that? Doubt it! In turn, I wouldn’t trade my setup for yours as I’m simply not ready for family life yet.

You have to do the things that make the most sense for you and you alone. Envy and jealousy are very much human emotions. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. But when it starts to rule you, you’ve lost the game. You can’t steer your vehicle and drive someone else’s at the same time so stay in your lane. Focus on you, appreciating where you are in your journey, and choose to let others’ success inspire you rather than discourage you. Every season serves a purpose.

Your comfort zone is in someone else’s shadow

Is it easier for you to be an extra in someone else’s movie rather than the star of your own? More often than not, this comes down to a sense of unworthiness and lack of confidence. Maybe you have friends that you deem to be smarter and more outgoing so you live vicariously through them because it’s safe. This way no one criticizes you & you don’t have to subject yourself to failure. You tie your self worth to your affiliations rather than basing it on your own merits.

Did you have kids then everything quickly became about getting them to their dance recitals and little league games? Were you taught that your life goal should be getting married so you fell in love and were all to eager to give up the “me” for the “he/she/we” leaving you lost in the sauce?

If the answer is yes to either of those scenarios, there is the problem with that. Making someone else your everything leaves you with nothing struggling to find purpose again once they’re no longer in the picture. Unless you were born with a twin(or etc), you slid out of the womb alone & more than likely that is how you will leave this world. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first.

Feeding your own passions, setting goals and meeting them increases your “stock”. Self love is not selfish and even if it was, be unapologetic about it. Why would anyone ever want to pour from an empty cup? Everyone & everything is presented with the best version of you when you are happy and flourishing so don’t be afraid to do your own thing.

A lot of people don’t know that Beyoncé paints. She keeps that just for her. I personally have quite a few interests that I don’t have in common with anyone I know IRL & it’s so much power in that! I wouldn’t even be working online if I’d had to see someone I knew IRL doing it because no one I knew was. You are already unique in the sense that no one else is you. Never forfeit having your own identity to be a clone.

You finished school and stopped educating yourself

Whether you stopped formally getting educated in grade school or college, you left it at that and went out into the world. Much of what you retained is likely outdated. Even so, you haven’t sought any form of continued education.

I personally hate traditional school but I love learning! There is little that I am more proud of than the fact that I am self taught. I either did my own research or failed my way to success through practice to master my online endeavors. How awesome is it that we get to live in the age of the internet where you can basically choose what you want to learn and who/where you want to learn it from? Everyone knows you have to learn more to earn more. Also the only cure for imposter syndrome is learning enough to master your craft & successfully putting it to use.

Find tutorials online. Attend YouTube University. Hop on Pinterest and search for topics on the skillset you’d like to pursue. The world wide web has no shortage of information scattered about but it’s a downside to that abundance. When you do it the 100% free way it is very time consuming. Much of what you find, while valuable, will indeed need to be pieced together with other gems which can lead to information overload. This is where I’d 100% advise investing in yourself by purchasing courses for a guided step-by-step approach. Just be sure you’re spending your money with people you trust that have actually done the work & seen success in the things you too would like to be successful at.

You’re waiting for better circumstances instead of creating them

Living by the “if/then” clause, eh? As in “If I had _____, then _____.” Are you waiting on a raise? Perhaps you’d like to lose weight, get married or have kids before moving forward. I personally struggle with being a perfectionist. I fancy myself an artist so I’ll probably never cure that but I had to realize that “perfect enough” was better than “not at all”.

A real world example of that is in the very opening of my new blogs. I put a SH!!!!!!!TLOAD of work into them & per the rave reviews, they look amazing! So much so, you probably didn’t care to notice I didn’t do brand photography shoots for either. However, it would’ve been tragic to allow such a mundane hangup to delay opening so I used my birthday photos from last year and some other oldies. The important thing was putting the website into the world as I can always do shoots at a later date. Procrastination isn’t profitable.

The most valuable form of currency in this life is time. In the eloquent words of Jhene Aiko, “There’s no place quite like here. There’s no better time than now. You’ve got to stay ready.” When you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Choose “day one” over “one day”. In a year, you’ll be glad you did. Whatever your end goal is, there are always immediate steps you can take to get closer to it. Dreams don’t work unless you do so start where you are with what you have instead of halting progress waiting on Neveruary. Do it scared, do it a little less than perfect, do it with limited means. Life doesn’t come with a remote, you have to get up and change it yourself.

In Conclusion

You are what you do and not what you think or say you will do. WORK. Doubt and procrastination kills more dreams than failure ever will & not attempting has a 100% fail rate. MANIFEST & BELIEVE. Always remember this is not a practice life, you have to get it done with this one. BE CONSISTENT. Watch how quickly you go from a life of suck to a life of success!

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